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  • Enlightened Wellness Clarity Call
    The purpose of this session is to help us both get clear on how you want to feel and why, as well as what’s holding you back from that, so that you can make an informed decision about how to get started/continue on your healing journey. This session will also give us both a chance to get questions answered and explore how it feels to work together, as well as what the requirements are, with no expectations regarding the outcome--just a clear yes or a clear no for each of us.   Imperative: Please make sure to be in a quiet, undisturbed space for the call. 
  • 60-Minute Functional Nutrition Session
    Functional Nutrition follow-up. 
  • 90-Minute Functional Nutrition Assessment/Planning Session
    This session is all about learning more about your health history and goals. This is session is all about YOU.  I will already have reviewed your intake forms and will be asking more questions based on what I already know about you. I will use the information that I gather from you to map out areas of interest in the Functional Nutrition Matrix (after the session), which helps me to visualize and systematize your core imbalances and come up with an individualized plan for restoring optimal function and vitality with you. I will share the Matrix with you after it is completed. 
  • Transformative Coaching Session
    This call is all about helping you shift your perspective, so that you can release your blocks to Love and heal fully. 
  • Free Introductory Chat
    The purpose of this call is to get acquainted and for me to briefly hear from you about the issues you would like help in overcoming. If it seems like you are ready for the type of root-cause, transformative work that I offer, we can go from there. 
  • Transformative Coach Institute Alignment Call
  • Reconnective Healing Session
  • TCI Webinar Alignment Call
    This call is only for those who participated in the Transformative Coach Institute Webinar. 
  • 30-minute Functional Nutrition Check-In



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